“Candles are lit, guitar is tuned”: Watching Kira Kosarin live is self care

With health officials recommending the cancelation of events with large crowds and urging people to stay in and work from home, touring and recording artists had entire schedules thrown out of the window. As a way of not being away from music and still connecting with fans, many artists are making livestream concerts across all of social media. That was the case for singer Kira Kosarin who took Instagram this Wednesday to play a 16-song set for fans around the world.

“We’re in a situation where we’re not just responsible for ourselves, we’re responsible for each other. For each other’s lives, for each other’s safety.”, Kosarin started with, proceeding to use the next hour to get the fans’ minds out of the news and into an immersive performance she is known to give while on stage. Introducing people to songs from her upcoming EP, asking everyone to sing her older songs along from home, singing covers of her favorite music or talking about what she’s feeling and interacting with comments, the 22-year-old managed to keep over fifteen hundred people interested and entertained in a very particular way.

Every high note and ad lib rendered dozens of key smashes and all caps comments from people who, had that concert happened outside the internet, would never have the chance to see Kosarin perform together. For the fans, it was a moment of communion. It will be nearly impossible to have a show anywhere else where all of those fans are able to interact with each other and the singer so directly and request music, make her laugh, share internal jokes.

Kosarin’s openness throughout the entire process of musicmaking — including letting everyone know she’ll have to push the releases a little bit because of the state of the world, but everything is still coming very soon — makes it so falling in love with her music comes before the actual release of them. So you can imagine the delight of every fan there when she played personal favorites and introduced them to the new music they’ll be begging the singer to release soon.

By taking an hour of her day to play music for hundreds of people from her living room, Kira got everyone to feel like a friend. Someone she invited over and grabbed a guitar to keep entertained on a lazy Wednesday afternoon. Besides just enjoying good music, the audience got to feel seen and cared about, in a moment where human connection is so desperately wanted.

Kira Kosarin is expected to have an EP out later this year. Tour dates should come after that. Follow the artist on Spotify, Instagram and Twitter to get all the news right away. ($15 tier patrons on Set List get an exclusive newsletter with tour dates for every artist covered on the page. Update your subscription to get it!)

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