On the Radar: Bahari’s “Savage” ft. BIA

On the Radar is Set List’s new semi-regular column of reviews of music that show up on our Spotify’s Release Radar. If you see any song on that playlist you want covered, message us!

Bahari’s new remix of their hit song Savage adds the spice we didn’t know we needed. The remix returns to what a remix should actually should be, not only adding a fire verse by Boston rapper BIA, but reimagining the whole song. Duo Bahari — formed by bassist/vocalist Natalia Panzarella and pianist/vocalist Ruby Carr — rerecorded vocals and wrote over the original beats making the song much closer to their current sound, in comparision to the 2018 version.

The new music video is also a whole new interpretation of the sassyness and sensuality of Savage, that has lyrics like “You know I’m not a saint/But I can make you pray/So get down on your knees/give me a reason I should stay”. It shows that Bahari’s new era is going to be exactly the right amount of dark mixed with the right about of sexy to breakthrough.

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