Songbird Reaction Video + Official Review!

Good evening!!

I was planning on posting this way earlier but the review took a little longer than I was planning and I took several snack breaks. But without futher ado, HERE’S SET LIST FIRST EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: THE SONGBIRD REACTION VIDEO!! 

Please watch it all and let me know what you guys think! If it’s an interesting way of reviewing for the patrons, I plan on recording more videos, with better lighting and probably not so late at night when my words don’t make any sense. On that note, the video is fully captioned so make sure to turn on the captions to understand it better!

You can also read the official review for Songbird that I wrote and published on my personal blog, Queer and Other Theories, because I wanted to make a sequel to my Off Brand review.

I should be back tomorrow with some cool Behind The Scenes content about the video above. See you soon!

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