On The Radar: Rainsford’s “Oh My God”

On the Radar is Set List’s new semi-regular column of reviews of music that show up on our Spotify’s Release Radar. If you see any song on that playlist you want covered, message us!

 LA-based Rainsford released fantasy-infested babymaking jam Oh My God earlier this month. 30-year-old Rainey Qualley is known for not pulling any punches when it comes to  imagination and that’s exactly what the music video for her latest single expresses.

While the song is exactly what you would play right before getting into situations that lead you to screaming its title, the music video presents a more chimerical view of the posession and dominance explicited by the lyrics, as the performer dances in clouds holding lovers at the tip of her fingers.

Oh My God is the wet dream of long term Rainsford listeners and if you’re not familiar with the singer’s music or artistic expression at all, this single is the perfect starting point.

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