On The Radar: Kira Kosarin’s “December”

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Singer-songwriter Kira Kosarin goes back to R&B bops with December. The October-born 23-year-old gave the fans a gift for her birthday week, releasing a song that supporters quickly dubbed 47 Hours older sister.

Strikingly rhythmic, December connects the cold of long winter nights to the feeling of being smothered by a relationship that had its fire dry out. Falling out of love and relationships that lose momentum are common themes on Kosarin’s writing, but she never fails to tell the stories in ways that drag you to the atmosphere of the feeling, even when all it does is leave you grasping for air.

The music video is perfectly complementary to both the song and series of homemade music videos Kosarin dropped this year. While rightfully not as simple as the ones from the Songbird era, the December PhotoBooth Style music video will make you miss the lo-fi vibes of an early night at the club.

All and all December is both the Kira stan’s new love and the song you should be introduced to her music to. We can’t wait to see more of this grown era.

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