On The Radar: Emlyn’s “god sent me as karma”

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Photo by Joey Wasilewski

Girlbossing comes in many ways. Fucking up the lives of men who underestimated your self worth is definitely one of them. TikTok’s favorite pop punk queen Emlyn has released track god sent me as karma, a healthy reminder that if you fuck around, you’re bound to find out.

Emlyn has spent 2021 releasing incredible pieces of big feelings wrapped in pop punk testemonials that are bound to have you screaming your little heart out. Maybe because of that several videos of her singing along to her music in her car have been blowing up on TikTok. Who among us isn’t guilty of screaming emotional music inside of a car?

With cinematic references we absolutely adore, God sent me as karma or GSMAK(read it like a the sound of a slap) is the epitome of a fuck you song. A glorious piece of art that will either make you feel like no one can touch you or will send chills down your spine with one lyric: I know your ex.

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