On The Radar: Kira Kosarin’s “mood ring”

Photo: Brian Ziff

Big feelings were the theme for a lot of people in the past couple of years. Every little experience hightened by the big changes surrounding us. Maybe because of that, when a singer-songwriter channels big feelings into songs as seamlessly as Kira Kosarin, it’s easy to fall in love with her music.

On her new single “mood ring” — her debut under Republic Records — Kosarin talks about exactly that: falling in love. In verses so closely intertwined they feel like only a couple of senteces, Kosarin’s mystifying vocals lead us into a story about the first days of a relationship.

By describing the kaleidoscope of colors on a lover’s eyes, she creates an experience that will affect all five of your senses if you just pay attention. The pool in the summer, the colors of the flowers and the touch that can reveal any secret. All there to make you, not just realize it’s a song about love, but actually feel the love she’s talking about.

After touching the subjects of sadness, heartbreak and solitude on her last project — Songbird — with a depth that left us speechless, it is with pleasure that we confirm that Kosarin goes just as deep while singing about love, happiness and butterflies in your stomach.

Kira Kosarin’s third musical project is set to be released later in the year. You can listen to “mood ring” bellow:

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